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OF COURSE we all want to please our heavenly Father with our Faith and Christian Success. Have you ever been around a person with really obvious, incredible, unshakable Faith, Belief and Trust in God, and you just say to yourself, “I really want to believe all that, but where do they get that faith?” We all lack faith at times, but it’s very possible to grow into a "Faith Warrior," whose faith becomes solid through The Rock of Faith!

It’s challenging in day to day life and Christian Godly Success pursuit to increase your Faith and Belief, living in a world that many times seems to program people for doubt. FaithFire will teach you what we call the "Apostle Paul's Empowerment Program of Faith." Jesus Christ authored the program, Paul taught it in The Bible, and you are meant to live it!

Faith is a catalyst. It catalyzes Godly Success and a Godly Life.Your faith in God’s Power and Ability to do the impossible in your life causes the Holy Spirit to move on your behalf. God requires faith, is pleased by faith, and blesses faith. Let’s build your confidence in His Power, set your faith on fire, and increase your Christian Success in life, as all Success has Faith at the very core of it.

Here are just a few of the FaithFire Teachings:

Every word that Jesus spoke when He was on the earth as the Son of Man was soaked with Faith. He is the “Author and Finisher of our Faith” (Hebrews 12:2) and desires to enlarge you to new levels in Him. Many folk's Faith is smoldering, not blazing! SuccessChurch will help equip you to Enlarge your faith and build a never-wavering belief in your Thinking, Actions and Biblical Success. FaithFire will help empower you, step by step, to build your Faith into a Rock of Solidity, and a Mountain Moving Persistency.

Check back soon to learn more about the FaithFire Tools for building your Faith and Christian Success!

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