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Christian Success start with Praise. Do you realize that you have something special to offer GOD as a gift that no other human being on the planet can give Him? You do, and it is a gift that He desires and cherishes. It is Your Personal Praise, from your unique heart. Do you want to bless God? Praise is a blessing to God that can only come from you.

PRAISE - Perhaps you’ve never really done this before, outside of singing along in church. Or maybe you’re not exactly comfortable with or certain how to honor God with Your praises. We understand and we are here to help you to develop a Successful Praise Life! Catch the “Praise Craze” and you’ll love how it changes you and empoowers your Christian Success Walk.!

First off, we at HolyFire Empowerment Ministries believe you should praise God for no other reason than just that - to praise Him! PERIOD. That is what we were created for! He is worthy of all praise and honor, and we are instructed to do it repeatedly throughout the Word of God! We also know that, because of Who He Is, as you lift up His Name, He will lift up your Life and Godly Christian Success! That’s just how things operate when you’re a kid in His Kingdom!

Daily praise is a critical element of Godly Success. Praising God is the single most important, empowering, and fulfilling daily activity that you can do in your life. It is a MUST, to enhance your walk with the Lord, and to increase the Christian Success that you desire, and more importantly, that The Father desires for you. Together let’s make continuous praise a lifestyle and a state of heart in your Christian Success pursuit..

Here are just a few examples of the many things you’ll learn with PraiseFire:

In our Christian Success Journey , we all desire to move closer to God and become more initmate with God. Praise creates a powerful atmosphere where your worship and prayers will be lifted up to the Father's Throne. And as you bless Him with your praises, as the Bible promises, He will bless your life beyond anything you could ever ask or expect with His Holy Success Power and Unimaginable Love.!

We have been led to develop "PraiseFire" as an educational tool to further compliment and enhance your Praises to the Lord, with Power, Purity, Purpose, and Passion. This tool will help educate you on what we call the "King David Method" of Praising God with all of your heart and includes an actual template with lots of effective, flexible prayer options that will help you to pray in a way that moves God’s Heart and impacts your Christian Success with a whole new level of POWER!.

It will also guide you in selecting a Time, Place, and special Music that is right for you, and will help you to develop a Passion for the Lord that will Re-Power your Success by spending time in His Presence.

There is incredible Power in Praise and Worship, and you will learn how to further embrace the Holy Success Power found therein for your life, and Godly Success desires.!

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